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Water for Life!

Above all, I’m delighted to serve a fellow Atlantan.  We serve all of Metro Atlanta, whether you’re from Fayetteville or Dalton, Rockmart or Stone Mountain, Eastpoint or Chamblee, Lawrenceville or Rome. 

Water treatment requires better thinking than a one size fits all product that claims to be the best for everyone.  WE PROMISE that If you choose to honor us with your business, we will find that one solution from among our 50 certified, large company, and guaranteed solutions.  We promise to first help you understand the possibilities you have and find THE best solution to fit YOUR objectives on BUDGET, MAINTENANCE, and deliciously fresh, sweet, clean, and pure QUALITY water...for life!


After all, Isn’t that what you’re looking for?

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We have over 50 solutions ranging from the most affordable to the best available, and we will help you discover the best possibilities for you and how to decide what’s the Best Buy for your family or office’s water quality, maintenance and budgetary objectives: 


Whole House Water Filtration & Softening


A pitiful little girl just sat in her family room belching, belching, and belching...     ALL.DAY... LONG!

Water for Life
Water for Life

That was my 8-year-old daughter, Jessie, and she was infected with Giardia, a parasite she had picked up from the tap water.  It attached itself to her small intestine, broke open, and caused her to have horrible dysentery, that required surgery to cut it out!   That was when I realized that her Daddy actually could have protected her better than the government, and the idea for Water for Life residential water treatment was born!  

You see, I’m her Daddy and I wanted to protect her from all of that! I knew that FedEx had been delivering mail far better and faster than the government had for years behind its funky ads and the slogan "When it Absolutely, positively needs to be there on time". Why couldn’t I provide my daughter, as well as my fellow Atlantan’s families, water in their own homes that was absolutely, positively guaranteed to always be fresh and pure forever?

I was ready.  My company, originally a commercial water treatment firm called Van Cleave Sales Associates when we started in 1989, had already been treating commercial drinking water for taste and odor issues in restaurants for nearly two years when Jessie got infected with Giardia. Giardia and Cryptosporidium cysts are parasites that infest lakes and rivers like Lake Alatoona, and Lanier and rivers like the Chattahoochee and Etowah, which comprise most of our source waters in the Atlanta metro area.

These parasites have a hard shell on their back, like a beetle, and are chlorine tolerant.  In addition, we now know, since the WQA Final Barrier Initiative study identified 5 strains of virus that are now strong enough to be chlorine tolerant, that even some viruses have grown strong enough to make us deathly sick.  Lately, we hear more and more stories of brain eating virus and algae that has killed dogs that have even just gone swimming in the Chattahoochee.

Virus problems were unheard of when I started in business in 1989.  My training taught me that all these viruses, bacteria, and cysts actually cause 7.6 metric tons of diarrhea right here in Atlanta in 1 year.I was absolutely, positively sure I could be a fiercer protector of my own family’s water than the government and I knew I could beat the stinking city water quality by offering the best water systems that were available worldwide! We looked for and found the best and the most affordable products In every category, but we didn’t stop there!  We made sure they were user friendly and easy to understand.  We made sure they were from large companies that would stand behind their products with generous performance warranties, and that had thirty party endorsements from the Water Quality Association, the National Sanitation Foundation or Consumer Reports.

Water for Life
Water for Life

That’s Jessie helping me test water in my new store 3 years later!

I already sold final barrier microbiological equipment like UV Lights and 1/2-micron filters to restaurants, with Giardia and even virus protections.  If FedEx could beat the Post Office delivering the mail, I certainly could make sure my little girl’s drinking water was Always Fresh & Forever Pure...Guaranteed? Hmm... maybe that could even be my slogan! 

So, my commercial ingredient water and water treatment firm, morphed into Water for Life, a complete residential and commercial drinking water systems firm, serving busy Atlanta families, offices, and restaurants and managing national accounts. 

Today, we show Moms, Dads and Office Facility Managers how they can fiercely protect their families, their employees, and their customers’ drinking and ingredient water. We pick our products so carefully that they make us look good as an independent and so we never have to apologize for their quality or performance, and so you can choose one or more of our over 50 drinking water filters, drinking water appliances, whole house filtration systems and water softeners that we sell for VERY insignificant dollars.

Water for Life
Water for Life

Yes, Insignificant dollars, especially when you stop to think about the major role proper hydration of great tasting, clean, and healthy drinking water can play in improving public health...not to mention saving so much of the money that’s spent on bottled water, spent for disposing of all those bottles, and spent on needless doctor and hospital bills we have to pay for health problems caused by dehydration.  

Water for Life
Water for Life

Drinking pure water is truly the affordable healthcare we all want.  Your body needs it, in fact, cries out for it when you experience inflammation, indigestion, fainting, diarrhea, pimples, dry skin, hair loss, cramps, and muscle soreness, or severe dehydration, which puts thousands of people a year in Atlanta area hospital beds.

Water for Life
Water for Life

Dehydration is very bad for your body!  Drinking pure water in sufficient quantity is absolutely one of the best health habits your whole family or your entire workforce can get into, ESPECIALLY those with immuno-compromised systems: like everyone from seniors, diabetics, cancer, aids, or organ transplant patients, and yes, even healthy babies or your pets!

Water for Life
Water for Life

So our logo became the family...including one of our best consumers... your dog!

Water for Life
Water for Life

Water for Life's mission is, "To fiercely protect Atlantan’s drinking water more affordably."

Today, 32+ years later, Water for Life is the recognized number one fierce protector of drinking water in the Atlanta area!  As the CEO of Water for Life, I want to make sure "Better Thinkin’ About Your Stinkin’ Drinkin’!" Is not just our slogan.  It's got to be absolutely, positively true in every single one of my customer’s homes and businesses.  

Everybody says they’re the best, right?  Well, our performance is proven to be the best by being awarded Home Advisor’s Best in Category Award 5 Times Overall, including the last 4 years running. Only one company, Water for Life, can say they’ve got Third Party Proof of it the last 4 years running! 2015, 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021 Water for Life!

2015, 2018, 2019, 2020 & 2021
Water for Life

Our Budget products won’t be undersold...guaranteed!

Our Best Products are all backed up by large National companies, with worldwide parts and service availability, written warranties and certified by one of the two most respected Third-Party Testing labs in the country to perform as advertised for a minimum of 10 years on the tanks and valves and 2 years running on the media, (or we will repair or replace them for free* ) they also have exchangeable components so they will be the last system you’ll ever have to buy. 

*replacement elements excepted

Our Better products also promise longer life replacements and moderate pricing, but still have generally longer warranties and better components than our competitors, but fewer features and benefits than our Best products.

Additionally, we have designed our "Triple Testing Program” to guarantee consistency in purity, great taste, and freshness to our customers over their lifetime.  We test your product’s water to assure that you absolutely, positively drink from the best available technology you can afford to purify your problem tap water in the most convenient ways possible.  PRE...........POST...........ONGOING TESTS

First, we test your tap water before you buy equipment to get a baseline and to see what your family needs protections from.

Second, we test your system’s product water after the sale to prove that the equipment you bought is absolutely, positively doing what we promised. When you think about it, without post testing, how would you know for sure that your equipment is working after you’ve paid for it?

Third, we test your water annually for FREE on an ongoing basis when you buy equipment from us, and we professionally maintain it for one low annual fee or show you how to maintain and test it yourself to keep it absolutely, positively running pure, as long as you send us a sample of the water. Again, when you think of it, Without ongoing testing, how else could you really know your equipment is still working?

Our "Triple Testing Program" is your assurance that if you trust Water for Life with protecting your family’s drinking water, it will remain fresh, pure, and sweet over time!  Will your plumber, internet company, or big box store guarantee that?  NO WAY!

You are THE protector of your family’s health and budget.  Make sure you’ve thought seriously about not only the upfront price of your water system but also, it’s total cost of ownership and who is going to service it after the sale.  Why spend your precious time and money with somebody who is just out to sell you something and drop you or somebody that can’t help you stay out of trouble in 5-10 years?  If you make that mistake, though, you can still call us.  We’ll come repair or pull that worthless system out and suggest a product that really works well in Atlanta metro water for your budgetary, maintenance, and water quality objectives! 

Should you really trust somebody working part time in the plumbing aisle for one week, a multi-level salesperson “friend”, or even a nameless, faceless internet salesperson on the phone or a commissioned salesperson in your home who doesn’t eat unless they sell you something?  

Think twice about it... you can deal with Water for Life’s Master Water Specialists, local pros with 32 years’ experience treating Atlanta water, our Licensed General Contractor with 28 years maintenance and installation experience, or our Licensed Master Plumber with 52 years’ experience?  There is a difference!  A big one.  

How do we know?  We pull out misapplied internet equipment or incorrect “do it yourselfer” installations every week, and we help people from making fatal, money wasting errors every day!

We hear stories about the internet sales person blaming the local installer and the local installer blaming the internet company all the time.  Think about it. Why get stuck in the middle when you can deal directly with the local pros at Water for Life?

You can fiercely protect your family!  Make sure you call Water for Life and discover the best solutions that Atlanta’s Master Water Specialists at Water for Life can provide you within your budget.  

You’ll save your precious time and money and have better drinking water...for life from your well maintained, custom WFL system that won’t break the bank.  We promise!  Call or message us today @ 770-652-0076.

If you live anywhere in Atlanta Metro, let Water for Life help you with all your water filtration needs. We service and treat any water problem for businesses, municipalities, and residences, whether you have city water or water from a well.  See below for the water report from your municipality.

Contact us at 770-652-0076 today for Always fresh, forever pure and great tasting Water for Life.

Best of Category Award Winner: 2015, 2018, 2019, 2020 & 2021