Forever Pure Whole House Problem Water Systems

City Water Problems
Our purity meter measures Atlanta’s water twice as dirty today as it was in 1989, when Water for Life was founded. The problems we can improve upon in Atlanta tap water today include VOC’s, germs, lead, hexavalent chromium, parasites, pharmaceuticals, Georgia red clay, harsh chlorine, flouride, aluminum sulfate, and polyphosphates. Water for Life’s experts can test your water and advise you how to protect your family from city water problems.

Well Water Problems
Most wells in North Georgia suffer orange or blue/green staining problems caused by iron and low PH. Some have iron bacteria slime, hydrogen sulfide rotten egg smells, and hardness scaling. More insidious is the runoff of poisons like pesticides and herbicides. We often see well water that’s been contaminated by septic fields. Water for Life’s experts can test your water and advise you how to protect your family from well water problems with a whole house water filtration, softening, or basic disinfection system.

What are the Advantages of Water for Life water all over the house?
Water for Life’s mission is to protect your family best and still meet your budget. We’ll make sure your equipment is working properly, and that your water stays Forever Pure. We promise Water for Life drinking water and ice will taste and smell sweet. Your hair will be naturally shinier and your skin and towels softer without expensive creams or softening agents. Your colorful clothes will stay looking newer and not fade as fast. Your appliances will last longer with fewer repairs. Water for Life water can even wash your car and your windows crystal clean without expensive cleaners.

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